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2022 Calendar

12 collage illustrations inspired by the light and life on the island, Gran Canaria.

High quality print on 280 gsm art paper.

Edition English/ Espanõl.

Available: November 2021.


Manting Huang is an illustrator/ artist from Taiwan and now based in Gran Canaria, Spain. She started to crate visual works after finishing her study in fashion design in Taipei, then she attended a post graduate program of illustration in BAU in Barcelona. You would find a diverse range of technique in her works, mostly with traditional method, such as oil pastel, acrylic paintings, mural, stop motion animation and paper collage, and among them all, the cheerful color is the common element that comes from her spirit. From time to time, Manting also organizes workshops for adult and children, to connect with people in the language that she is most familiar with.

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