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Paint Your Universe Workshop

這個工作營來自《XiaoQui小氣藝術》這個因應我遊牧生活而生的Project,帶領同學體驗一樣的創作手法,使用壓克力顏料,在手掌大小的原木片上畫出你心中的宇宙意象,作品除了小巧可愛之外更保留了自然的質感。完成的迷你畫作再帶回家之前,還可以在課堂上加工為別針/ 磁鐵。繪畫難易度簡單,就算繪畫經驗零,也可以在老師的指導下完成你自己的小宇宙。



In this workshop, artist Manting will demonstrate and help you to compose your own universe image on these lovely tiny wood slices which come from her new project “XiaoQui小氣藝術”. Before bring your mini cosmo along, the final piece of art will be able to make into pins or magnets in the workshop. And don’t worry! It’s really easy! Just simply follow the lead of the instructor, then make your own art happen in your hands.

工作營實況 ori.jpg
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