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抽象x色彩x情緒釋放 粉臘筆工作營

Abstract Art x Expressing Emotion - Pastel Workshop




這個工作營的目的,是希望參加者可以透過貼近生活的有趣實作,卸下對『藝術』的有色眼鏡,因為我相信畫畫/ 藝術應該是生活的一部分,一種情感的抒發,想法的紀錄與再造,不應該是高端造作的代名詞,而是大家都能體驗跟欣賞的大眾文化;幫你放掉『畫的好不好』的框架,藉由粉蠟筆「無水操作」、「覆蓋力強可塗改」、「奔放活潑的色彩」等特性,讓繪畫經驗0-100的任何人都可以上手,體驗藝術第一人稱動詞化的魅力。


實作1: 我們的畫畫大亂鬥



實作2: 抽象色彩明信片



  The main purpose of this workshop is to break down our personal and societal preconceptions of “boundaries in art”. Artist Manting will guide us in letting go of the fear of making art, while we express our emotions with different genres of music, and all workshop participants will collaborate on several bigger drawings together. The focus is not about the techniques or about the end result of the works, there will be no judgement or criticism of our creations. The workshop will just be about flowing with how we feel, being present, and sharing time, thoughts, and interacting with colors.

 After some collaborative exercises, we’ll redirect our attention back to the individual. We’ll take a look at some of the works by masters of abstract art, and deconstruct their paintings. We’ll search for and steal useful elements and concepts that we like, which we can then put into our own post-card size paintings/drawings that you can take home!

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